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We spend a lot of time dispelling the myth that high quality custom cabinetry is expensive. We take pride in the fact that we build a superbly crafted cabinet fit for any budget and any design. And thanks to our experienced design staff, the cabinetry we create is also very functional.

Our customers choose us because what we offer is flexibility. With custom cabinets, you can make your entire space usable with a look that suits your tastes perfectly. You donít have to worry about wasted space or odd sized areas.

Selecting the right material for your countertops is vital. Countertop materials can add contrast or compliment to any kitchen resulting in a design statement ranging from subtle to bold, or anywhere in between. Paulo Dias and the staff at Cabinets Plus can help you select the perfect material for your "Dream Kitchen" within your budget!

In any kitchen, the countertop is the focus of food preparation, decorative additions and general wear and tear. Let Paulo Dias help to ensure that your choice of material provides you with lasting beauty, durability and satisfaction.

The intelligent use of space can add functionality and, at the same time, delight the eye. At Cabinets Plus of Palm Beach, we can help you organize your storage spaces and turn those hidden places into areas you will take pride in.

Call Paulo Dias and get started today!

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